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Carol Waugh
Executive National Vice President
Independent Consultant #10015773

Nashville, Tennessee: Brentwood / Franklin / Nolensville

"Every day is Independence Day at my home! After ten years at Xerox getting up at 5 a.m. and working 60 hours a week, I decided to 'Let Freedom Ring'! In discovering Arbonne, I am now building a multi-million dollar business all across the USA, Canada, Australia and the UK. While Arbonne's products make me look and feel younger, Arbonne's business opportunity has given me financial peace. I now live in my dream home! Freedom is why I do this business ... and the money is a good thing!"

So I began my Arbonne journey with a resolve for financial freedom for my family and all of the families I could find to share my story of "more". The reason that is important is that you must know why you're in business. What do you want out of it. exactly?

Not just "more money" . money is not the real motivator for most of us. What motivates us is what money can do for us, whether it's freedom, security, a new home, private school, college, wedding, divorce, aging parents, contributing to God's plans, giving to charities, paying hospital bills or whatever. Your reason for wanting "more" will create the needed desire to be willing to do what it takes to become successful. I call this "showing up" in your business.

I didn't realize my Arbonne business had such tremendous potential back in 1991. My goal was to replace my six-figure income from 10 years in sales with Xerox Corporation. I didn't realize that there could be so much more if I was willing to reinvent myself as an entrepreneur. I had to drop the employee mentality and take on the business owner role of building a business with a group of volunteers. Volunteers only do what they want to do and sometimes what they commit to do. That is liberating! People only join you if they want to and you don't ask them unless you want to be around them. What a concept! You work with whom you choose and set your own business hours. You become the CEO and CFO with decision-making power to run your business with your family's best interest at heart.

Many come to our business while they have another job. The more they succeed, the more they know they could work from their home headquarters, juggle the family schedule to their best advantage and create recurring income . At Arbonne, once you reach the middle level Area Manager position, you can set up a trust that keeps your override checks coming to your family for a lifetime! This is so powerful! If you are a professional, such as a doctor, lawyer, or accountant and you are out of your office on vacation, your income stops but not your expenses. Not with Arbonne. Our corporate friends really need to know the Arbonne secret of "recurring income".

I take this responsibility to share our networking story everywhere I go. Some people see it and some don't. I try to be patient with friends. It took Rita Davenport (former President of Arbonne) three years to convince me that Arbonne was a viable choice for a committed corporate employee. I am grateful that she was relentless in pursuit of Carol Waugh. | | Direct: 615-330-2598
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