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Perfect Pairing

The Genius Ultra Anti-Aging Set is the ultimate next-generation solution to help target the signs of aging and achieve youthful-looking, radiant skin as it helps to apply product evenly onto the skin.

Got a few minutes?.. That's all you need with the Genius Ultra. While it may not be visible to the naked eye, the surface of our skin is uneven — with ridges that can only be seen under a microscope. This high-tech tool makes your skincare products work smarter by helping to apply the product more evenly than with your fingertips. All in a matter of minutes.s

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You can start a home-based business, just like more than 50 million households did last year!!! Join Carol's team of SuccessBuilders and participate in a 100 billion dollar industry. Arbonne offers you:

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Take control of your paycheck- In the corporate world, your pay raises and bonuses are determined by someone else. The Arbonne SuccessPlan is there to pay you for your business- building and product-retailing efforts. Let Arbonne help you get all the raises and bonuses you deserve!

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Carol Waugh: Recognized as a long term member of The Arbonne Million Dollar Club during Arbonne's 2016 GTC Conference!

About Arbonne's Million Dollar Club:

These select members are Arbonne Independent Consultants who are paid on $1 million in Arbonne's SuccessLine volume at least one month during the qualification period will receive online recognition.

Those who achieve the above qualification three or more months during the qualification period will have an Arbonne logo next to their name on the online page and receive on-stage recognition at GTC.





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Carol’s Successline in the Spotlight: National Vice President: Maggie Hoeft

After graduating from college I had moved from Anchorage, Alaska to Tampa, Florida to pursue a career in training professional athletes. Though I had found my "dream job" working in the industry, it only took 6 months for me to realize I wanted to work for myself. I did not want someone determining my schedule and my pay. I waited tables as I started a personal training business. In one year I was able to open my own gym and even began a master plan of franchising. This would be the ultimate way to leverage my time and bring in a great income with the ability to raise a family from home in the future. Or so I thought.

Nutrition has always been a passion of mine and I needed to have products that were consistent with my clean eating standards and were readily available to my clients. When I met with Leslie, I was very impressed that the Arbonne's Essentials protein shakes have vegan protein!  I had my fears of the network marketing business model, but my clients were ecstatic to have a tasty alternative that I actually endorsed! I enjoyed the extra income by selling the Arbonne Essentials, but at that time I had no interest in the time-leveraging business opportunity Arbonne offered. In my mind I had a "real business". I believed my gym was my purpose. What could be better than building a business around my passion for health and wellness while helping others? more... | | Direct: 615-330-2598
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